Certificate and PhD Minor in Statistics & Data Science

Certificate and PhD Minor

The University of Arizona Statistics & Data science Graduate Interdisciplinary Program offers a fully-online or in-person program as a stand-alone certificate or as a PhD minor.

Many graduate students earn a Statistics certificate in addition to their MS or PhD degrees.

The highly customizable certificate program includes one required course (Theory of Statistics) and three additional courses that can be selected from a large list of topics.

The certificate requires four courses.  For many students the requirements are met in two semesters.  The certificate can be earned by taking one course per semester.

Many working professionals find that a certificate in Statistics & Data Science enhances their contribution to their organization.  The statistical knowledge learned makes an employee more valuable to their employer.  For current PhD students the addition of a minor or certificate in Statistics will enhance their research capabilities.

The coursework requirements document will give you information on what coursework is required for the certificate or PhD minor.

Yes, the certificate is offered fully online.  The following four courses are offered online:

  • STAT 564 theory of Probability
  • STAT 566 Theory of Statistics
  • STAT 571A Regression Analysis
  • STAT 571B Design of Experiments

STAT 566 is required for the certificate.  There are other courses that are also offered online that could be applied to the certificate.

See the Admissions Information web page for information on the program requirements.