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Certificate in Statistics and Data Science

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The Statistics Graduate Interdisciplinary Program is proud to offer a four-course Certificate in Statistics and Data Science, with on-campus and online options. The Statistics Certificate is an excellent opportunity for working professionals, prospective MS students, and distance learners. Certificate students complete their coursework with an understanding of statistical methodology, inference, and practice, as well as data-analytic training. Upon completion of the Statistics Certificate, a Master's of Science in Statistics can be earned in just one year of on-campus study.

All students entering any Statistics Program are required to have a substantive background in mathematics, including at least three semesters of Calculus through multivariable/vector calculus (at the level of MATH 125, MATH 129, MATH 223), one semester of Linear Algebra (at the level of MATH 215), and experience with computer technologies.

The Certificate consists of four 3-unit graduate courses. STAT 566 - Theory of Statistics (3 units), is the only requisite course; course options are listed here:

  • Fall Admission (Domestic and online international applicants) - Application Deadline, July 31st
  • Spring Admission (Domestic and online internation applicants) - Application Deadline, December 1st 
  • Fall Admission (International main campus applicants) - Application Deadline, June 1st
  • Spring Admission (International main campus applicants) - Application Deadline, October 15th 
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA required
  • Application materials: statement of purpose and official transcripts

On-Campus or Online - Which is Right for Me?

Course Options The On-Campus Certificate offers greater flexibility in courses. Online students have their choice of 14 courses in addition to STAT 566;
Class Type Online courses are filmed On-campus courses, so students from both programs receive the same lectures.
Cost The Online program ($800/unit) is less expensive than the On-Campus program, but only slightly so for in-state students (approximately $812/unit + mandatory fees resident, approximately $1,730/unit + mandatory fees non-resident). The Online program can offer significant cost savings to non-resident students.
Financial Support Program support is not available for any Certificate student.
Certificate Earned The Certificate earned is the same, regardless of program campus.

Click here for more information on our Online Certificate.

Last updated 12 May 2017