Coursework by Degree - SDS MS

A minimum of 30 units of coursework (graded C or better) past the Bachelor’s Degree is required, made up as follows.

  • STAT 564/MATH 564 – Theory of Probability
  • STAT 566/MATH 566 – Theory of Statistics - A minimum grade of B is required for this course.  If the student does not have a minimum grade of B, they can take the theory portion of the qualifying exam and must pass with a minimum MS pass.
  • STAT 571A/MATH 571A – Advanced Statistical Regression Analysis
  • STAT 571B/MATH 571B – Design of Experiments
  • STAT 688A and STAT 688B/ABE 688/BIOS 688 – Statistical Consulting
  • MATH 574M - Machine Learning

         A maximum of 3 units of Statistical Consulting (STAT 688/ABE 688/BIOS 688) may be applied towards the Core MS course requirements.

Choose from any of the courses on the Statistics Courses web page or the Statistics Coursework Spreadsheet.  A maximum of 4 units of Biostatistics Seminar (CPH 696S/EPID 696S) may be applied towards the Elective MS course requirements.

NOTE:  The MS requires a Thesis or a score on the Qualifying Exam of MS Pass or PhD Pass.

STAT 910 – Thesis or any one of the following courses:

  • BIOS 648– Analysis of High Dimensional Data
  • BIOS 684– General Linear and Mixed Effects Models
  • BIOS 686– Survival Analysis
  • MATH 563/STAT 563 – Probability Math
  • STAT 567A/MATH 567A – Theoretical Statistics I
  • STAT 567B/MATH 567B – Theoretical Statistics II
  • STAT 574B/ECON 574B – Bayesian Statistical Theory and Applications (same as ECON 696E)
  • STAT 574C/SOC 574C – Categorical Data Analysis
  • STAT 574E/MATH 574E– Environmental Statistics
  • STAT 574S – Survey Sampling
  • STAT 574T/MATH 574T – Time Series Analysis
  • STAT 675 – Statistical Computing
  • STAT 687/BIOS 687/EPID 687 – Theory of Linear Models

Extra Info

Courses may be added to or removed from this list by action of the Statistics GIDP Curriculum Committee, after approval by the GIDP Executive Committee. See Program Handbook for more information.

Complete list of courses, including course descriptions, prerequisites, and semesters offered.