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Derick Bishop 2022 Ph.D. Sunder Sethuraman A Solution of the Infinite-Horizon d-String Optimal Stopping Problem
Abdu Shair 2022 M.S. Satheesh Aradyula Volatilities and Correlations in Stock and Crude Oil Markets During COVID-19 Crisis
Abolhassan Fathabad 2021 M.S. Helen Zhang Outlier Detection Based on Robust Regression via Chance-Constrained Programming
Shannon Gutenkunst 2021 M.S. Melanie Bell Comparison of Missing Data Strategies for Managing Item Nonresponse on the Fagerström Test for Nicotine Dependence: A Simulation Study
Maria Sans-Fuentes 2021 M.S. Walt Piegorsch Mixed Two-Factor Benchmark-Dose Risk Assessment in Biomedicine
Samir Rachid Zaim 2021 Ph.D. Helen Zhang Interpretable and Robust Machine Learning for Precision Medicine
Meng Lu 2021 Ph.D. Lingling An Novel Mediation Method for Metagenomic Studies and Deep Learning Methods for Single Cell RNA-SEQ Studies
Jian Dai 2021 M.S. Haiquan Li Analyses of lifestyle and Environmental Factors for Cancer Prevention using Deep Learning and Conventional Machine Learning from UK Biobank Data
Anthony Vicenti 2021 M.S. Melanie Bell Comparison of Mixed Models and paired T-Test for Analyzing Crossover Clinical Trials in the Presence of Missing Data
Drew Baldwin 2021 M.S. Xueying Tang Spatiotemporal Bayesian Model of PM Levels in South Korea
Miranda Rintoul 2021 M.S. Joe Watkins The Price of Fertility
Cameron LeBlanc 2021 M.S. Joe Watkins

The Impact of Pitch Level Tracking Data and Catcher Receiving Skills on Strike Calls

Christopher Cole 2020 M.S. Walter Piegorsch

Contributions to Translational Mixed-Factor Benchmark Dose Risk Assessment

Jason Spector 2020 M.S. Joe Watkins Optimizing NBA Lineups
Kyle Carter 2020 Ph.D. Lingling An Novel Methods for Next-Generation Sequencing Data With Applications in Microbiome Studies
Nicholas Lytal 2020 Ph.D. Lingling An Normalization Methods on Single-Cell RNA-Seq Data and Metagenomics Data
Rhoda Muse 2019 Ph.D. Kathie Barnes Frequentist and Bayesian Methods for Mixed Discrete and Continuous Outcomes with Selection, Heteroscedasticity and Lagged Effects
Brooke Rabe 2019 Ph.D. Melanie Bell Missing Data in Non-Inferiority Clinical Trials
Sara Masoud 2019 M.S. Neng Fan A Hierarchical Framework to Mitigate the Risk of Hazardous Material Transportation
Qianwen Luo 2019 M.S. Lingling An Accurate Trace Evidence Using Regression Approaches in Forensic Studies
Miao Zhang 2018 Ph.D. Joe Watkins Statistical Methods for Next Generation Sequencing Data
David Rockoff 2018 Ph.D. Nicole Kersting A Randomization Test for the Detection of Differential Item Functioning
Brian Hallmark 2018 Ph.D. Joe Watkins Evidence of Adaptation to Climate and Diet in Siberians
Wen Chi Lu 2018 M.S. Haiquan Li A Novel Approach on Differential Abundance Analysis for Matched Metagenomic Samples
Jing Li 2018 M.S. Joe Watkins Evaluating Training Procedures in a Naive Bayes Approach to Pathogenicity Prediction: The Case of the Family of Sodium Channel Proteins
Jingyu Liu 2017 Ph.D. Walt Piegorsch Autologistic Modeling in Benchmark Risk Analysis
Li Qike 2017 Ph.D. Helen Zhang New Statistical Methods of Single-subject Transcriptome Analysis for Precision Medicine
Colin Dawson 2017 Ph.D. Jacobus Bernard HaMMLeT: An Infinite Hidden Markov Model with Local Transitions
Alfred Grant Schissler 2017 Ph.D. Walter Piegorsch, Yves Lussier Contributions to Gene Set Analysis of Correlated, Paired-Sample Transcriptome Data to Enable Precision Medicine
Yue Zeng 2017 Ph.D. Helen Zhang Variable Screening Methods in Multi-Category Problems for Ultra-High Dimensional Data
John Bear 2016 Ph.D. Dean Billheimer A Logistic Normal Mixture Model for Compositions with Essential Zeros
Brent Marinan 2016 M.S. Nicole Kersting Understanding the Impact of Students' Psychological Dispositions and Behavior on Student Exam Performance in an Undergraduate Business Statistics Course
John Wauters 2016 M.S. Selena Niu Independence Screening in High-Dimensional Data
Fang Fang 2016 Ph.D. Daoqin Tong Modern Econometric Techniques Applied to Three Essays in Spatial Economics
Kurt Michels 2015 Ph.D. Helen Zhang New Statistical Methods and Computational Tools for Mining Big Data, with Applications in Plant Sciences
Julia Fisher 2015 M.S. Walter Piegorsch Classification Analytics in Functional Neuroimaging: Calibrating Signal Detection Parameters
Sara Ziebell 2015 M.S. Lingling An A Powerful Correlation Method for Microbial Co-Occurrence Networks
Ahmad Hakeem Abdul Wahab 2015 M.S. Lingling An Statistical Discovery of Biomarkers in Metagenomics
Hyeonju Kim 2015 Ph.D. Rabi Bhattacharya Probabilities of Ruin in Economics and Insurance under Light-and Heavy-tailed Distributions
Michael Sohn 2015 Ph.D. Lingling An Novel Computational and Statistical Approaches in Metagenomic Studies
Benjamin Pope 2015 M.S. Daoqin Tong Investigating Potential Socioeconomic and Behavioral Factors Influencing Mosquito Net Ownership in Three Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa
Qijun Fang 2014 Ph.D. Walter Piegorsch Hierarchical Bayesian Benchmark Dose Analysis