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Online Certificate - How Online Courses Work

The Statistics GIDP's online courses are generally offered in a 'hybrid' style, with both distance students and on-campus students registered to take the course.  Class sessions/lectures/recitations are recorded digitally and stored as podcasts for later online retrieval by all registered students, although on-campus students are also required to attend the actual class sessions.  GIDP instructors also post various forms of additional material online, including sample data sets, applets and other forms of computer code, exam and homework solutions, etc., that enhance the students' experiences as they participate in course activities.


Online Statistics Courses are administered through D2L (Desire to Learn!). After you have enrolled in your courses, you will be able to access course materials through the D2L website, Click on the gray UA NetID Login on the top left of the page to log into your online student portal. Your courses will be listed on the right. Links to help pages and contact information for D2L are on the D2L website. If you have questions about material in a specific online course, contact the course’s professor.


Assessment of course activity for online certificate students is conducted by homework assignments, examinations, and other written/oral products.  Administration of such will vary, depending on each instructor’s needs and target goals for the particular online course.  For example, homeworks or written projects might be completed and submitted via email to the instructor, with scanned copies of the graded assignment returned to the student by email.  Examinations might be administered as online/interactive products taken via an Internet-capable computer, sent via email as “take-home” PDFs (to be retuned via email to the instructor by a prespecified due date), or taken at a testing center near the student’s off-site location with the aid of a local proctor.  Oral presentations could be recorded by the student at her/his off-site location, saved as podcasts or other video files, then sent via email or shared over the Internet for the instructor to assess.  In many instances, the University’s ‘Desire2Learn’ (D2L; see courseware is employed as an online device for distributing and collecting assignments, and also to communicate grades and other instructor feedback.

Enrolling in Courses

Your courses can be found in UAccess under the Online Campus.

1.  Go to the UAccess:

2.  Click on “Student Center”

3.  Log in using your UANetId

4.  In the Academics section, click on “Enroll”.  This will take you to the Add Classes screen.

5.  Click on the SEARCH tab at the top of this screen.  This will take you to the Search Criteria screen.

6.  For TERM, select the semester you will be taking this class

7.  In SUBJECT, type in or select the course subject (e.g. STAT, SIE).


9.  Click the green SEARCH button. You should see all available courses on the screen.

10.  Scroll down to select your class and click on “Enroll” at the bottom of the screen to register for the course.

If you have any difficulties registering for your course(s), please contact Janet Harkins at (520) 621-7724 and she can assist you.


Last updated 12 May 2017