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Online Certificate - Program Cost

Program Cost

Per unit cost: $800

Total cost of 12-unit Certificate: $9,600

There is an additional mandatory fee that will be charged. The Arizona Financial Aid Trust Fee (AFAT) ($25 for 1-6 units; $49 for 7 or more units) is a fee required by the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR). 

The online Certificate is a significantly cheaper option than on-campus study for non-Arizona residents. If you are a non-Arizona resident and are planning on completing a Master's degree, you might consider beginning with the Certificate, and completing the MS with just one year of on-campus study.


Tuition bills will come through the Bursar’s Office.  Students will be able to see their charges and make payments through UAccess Student Center.  Check with the Bursar’s Office for payment options.  Bursar’s Office at (520) 621-3232 or website for further information:

UA Bursar’s Office mail tuition bills the week of July 27th, if registration occurs after this date, check your UAccess record for semester charges by no later than August 20th.

Financial Aid

Certificate students are not eligible for financial aid, unless concurrently enrolled in an MS or PhD program.

Qualified Tuition Reduction/Educational Assistance Program (QTR)

UA Online Campus accepts QTR.  For more information on applying for QTRs check with UA Division of Human Resources:

Last updated 18 May 2017