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Online Certificate in Statistics and Data Science

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The Statistics Graduate Interdisciplinary Program is pleased to offer a fully online Certificate Program. The Certificate consists of four 3-unit graduate courses and must include STAT 566, Theory of Statistics.  The online program, through the University of Arizona's Outreach College, offers fifteen fully online courses and is perfect for working professionals wishing to obtain a deeper understanding of statistical methodology, inference, and practice, and offers greater depth of focus to their data-analytic training. Students successful in the Certificate Program can apply to transfer to the Master’s Degree Program and complete the Master’s Degree with a single year in residency. 

Online course options include: 

STAT 566 - Theory of Statistics (required)

STAT 564 - Theory of Probability

STAT 571A - Advanced Statistics Regression Analysis 

STAT 571B - Design of Experiments 

BIOS 576B - Biostatistics for Research

ECE 639 - Detection and Estimation in Engineering Systems

MIS 545 - Data Mining for Business Intelligence

NURS 646 - Healthcare Informatics: Theory and Practice

SIE 520 - Stochastic Modeling I

SIE 522 - Engineering Decision Making Under Uncertainty

SIE 525 - Queuing Theory

SIE 531 - Simulation Modeling and Analysis

SIE 536 - Experiment Design and Regression

SIE 545 - Fundamentals of Optimization

SIE 606 - Advanced Quality Engineering

Coming soon: MATH 574M, Statistical Machine Learning



Last updated 12 May 2017