Qualifying Exams

The Statistics Qualifying Exam is generally taken after the following four core courses are taken.

  1. STAT 564 Theory of Probability
  2. STAT 566 Theory of Statistics
  3. STAT 571A Advanced Statistical Regression Analysis
  4. STAT 571B Design of Experiments

The exam consists of two sections (Theory and Methodology) and is taken over a two day period.  It is offered in January and August.  PhD students must take the exam and must receive a score of "PhD Pass" in order to continue towards candidacy in the program.  Master's students have the option of taking the exam (and earning at least a "MS Pass") or doing a thesis.

For more information on the qualifying exam see the Program Handbook.

Qualifying Exam Dates

The next Qualifying Exam date is:

  • August 8 and 9, 2024