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  Ph.D. Graduate Student Email Faculty Advisor Completed Degrees
Dillon Aberasturi Ed Bedrick

B.S. Statistics and Biochemistry, University of Nevada-Reno
M.S. Statistics, University of Nevada-Reno

Sara Bredin Kobus Barnard B.S. Mathematics, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
M.S. Statistics, University of New Mexico
Kyle Carter Lingling An B.S. Applied Mathematics, New Mexico State University
Chen Chen Lingling An

B.Eng. Biopharmaceutical Technology, China Pharmaceutical University
M.S. Biostatistics, Tulane University

Kyungmi Chung Helen Zhang B.S. Mathematics Education, Ewha Womans University, M.S. Mathematics, Ewha Womans University
Cheng Ding Ed Bedrick

B.Eng. Computer Science, Anhui University
M.Eng. Software Engineering, University of Science and Technology of China

Robert Jones   B.S. Probability and Statistics, Northern Illinois University, M.S. Applied Statistics, Northern Illinois University
Amy Kim Helen Zhang B.S. Applied Math and Statistics, Johns Hopkins University
M.A. Economics, University of Arizona
Wen-Wei Liu   B.S. Plant Pathology and Microbiology, National Taiwan University, M.S. Biostatistics, Duke University
Meng Lu Lingling An B.S. Applied Mathematics, Shenghai Normal University
Yingying Lu Lingling An

B.A. International Economics and Trade, Central Southern University of Forestry and Technology

M.B.A., University of Arkansas-Fayetteville
M.S. Statistics and Operation Research, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville

Zhaoying Lu   B.S. Statistics, Taiyuan University of Technology
Nick Lytal Lingling An B.S. Physics, University of California - Davis
B.S. Applied Mathematics, University of the Pacific
M.S. Statistics, University of California - Davis
Rhoda Muse Kathie Barnes B.S. Actuarial Science, University of Nairobi
M.S. Statistics, University of Arizona
Brooke Rabe Melanie Bell B.S. Mathematics, University of Arizona
M.S. Statistics, University of Arizona
Samir Rachid Zaim TBD B.A. Mathematics/Statistics, Carleton College
Alexander Winchester Joe Watkins  
Shenghao Xia Helen Zhang B.S. Mathematics, University of Arizona
Rao Xiong   B.A. in International Business, Westminster College (SLC), M.S. in Education, University of Pennsylvania
Liyun Zeng TBD

B.S. Biological Science, Sichuan University                Ph.D. Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Washington

Meng (Renee) Zhang Lingling An, Joe Watkins B.S. Physics and Accounting, Shandong University
M.S. Business Management, Hong Kong Baptist University
Xiang Zhang Lingling An

M.S. Statistics Indiana University Bloomington, M.S. Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Ohio State University, M.S. Food & Biological Engineering, Ohio State University

  M.S. Graduate Student Email Faculty Advisor Completed Degrees
Drew Baldwin   B.A. Economics, University of Arizona
Rahul Bhadani Melanie Bell

M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Arizona

Derick Bishop Sunder Sethuraman B.A. Mathematics, University of Arizona
Timothy Caber    
Christopher Cole    
Loren Champlin Melanie Bell

B.S. Mathematics, University of Arizona
Master's of Education in Teaching and Teacher Education, University of Arizona

Jian Dai Lingling An Ph.D. Seed Science and Technology, Nanjing Agricultural University
Wanlu Gu Neng Fan

B.Eng., Beihang University

Voyze Harris   B.A. Mathematics, University of Dallas
Tatiana Horwitz   B.S. Physics, Saint Petersburg State University
Sean Lovell Ed Bedrick B.S. Statistics, Purdue University
Kevin Luke Kathie Barnes

B.Eng. Materials Science and Engineering, University of Arizona

Qianwen Luo    
Michael Marascio   B.S. Mathematics, University of Arizona, M.A. Spanish, University of Arizona, B.A. Spanish, University of Arizona
Sara Masoud    
Noah McCollum-Gahley Joseph Watkins B.S. Mathematics, University of Arizona
Wenbow Ouyang   BS Financial Engineering,Wuhan University, MS Economics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Yuzhe Peng   B.S. Mathematics, University of Arizona
Maria Sans-Fuentes   BS Biology, University of Barcelona, Doctoral Degree Biology, University of Barcelona, Experimental Master's Degree Pharmaceutical Science, University of Barcelona
Xiaoyu Shi   B.S. Mathematics, University of Arizona, B.A. Chemistry, University of Arizona.
Jason Spector    
David Stowell    
Anthony Vicenti Helen Zhang B.S. Mathematics, University of Arizona
Haozhe Xu   B.A Computer Science, University of Arizona, B.S Mathematic, University of Arizona 
Andy (Ye) Yuan   L.L.B., Ocean University of China
J.D., University of Arizona
Shanshan Zhang   B.S. Science in Agriculture, Zhejiang University, China, Ph.D. Science in Genetics, Fudan University, China
Graduate Certificate Students Email Completed Degrees
Paul Addison  
Tobias Bennett-Gold B.S. Civil Engineering, University of Arizona
Lucas Carter  
Suhina Deol B.S. Economics, Missouri State University
Sean Doyle  
William Gardner  
Shannon Gutenkunst B.S. Physics, University of California at San Diego, Ph.D. Physics, Cornell University
Nathanial Hendler B.S. Geosciences - Geology, University of Arizona
David Jimenez  
Prashant Kulkarni  
William Lippitt B.A. Mathematics, Ithaca College
David Morris  
Mohamad Moussa  
Celia Celestia Raehl  
Jeffrey Rugar B.S. Management Information Systems
Yuan Shang  
Yuankun (Charlie) Song  
Amy Sorensen  



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