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What Our Students Say About the Statistics GIDP

"Joining the Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Statistics has been a rewarding and life-changing experience. As advertised, the program is truly at the cutting edge of statistical theory, practice, communication, and application. All my instructors are experts in their research fields and approach teaching with the same enthusiasm. I have been fortunate to both instruct courses and conduct research as a graduate student. During my teaching, I worked with undergraduate students from diverse backgrounds in topics ranging from college algebra to statistical computing in R. My research role is remarkable interdisciplinary - working alongside physicians, computer scientists, biologists, and statisticians in a biomedical informatics lab. In my lab, we analyze genomic data to gain insights into disease with an aim for personalized medicine. Within just a few years, I have grown professionally and personally thanks to the support and opportunity given by the Stats GIDP. I cannot recommend the program enough for those interested in a unique and marketable advanced statistical degree."

- Grant Schissler, PhD program


"GIDP statistics at University of Arizona is an excellent platform where you can take advantage of every single bit of academic strength at this wonderful research institution. In GIDP statistics, you will not only be able to meet mathematicians or statisticians for academic guidance. You can also get to know experts from other fields, like computer scientists, physicists, biologists, sociologists, economists, or even lawyers! Sophisticated statistical methodologies really go to the heart of their daily research. Broad exposure to statistical theories and the diverse applications would tremendously help you discover your potential and true academic interests. The whole team of GIDP statistics have been making the best possible efforts to help you, both intellectually and financially, get through this education experience.

As a student in GIDP statistics, I have been having great learning experience. I am able to take classes across the campus, not just those offered in math department. Every course is taught by highly competent professors who are influential in their fields. What’s more, I have been studying collaboratively with statistics students, math students and graduate students from other programs, which enable me to develop solid understanding of class material and to see how statistical theories are applied to other fields. I am extremely satisfied with this intellectual experience which can take place nowhere else."

- Andy Yuan, MS program

Last updated 17 Nov 2015